7th Grade or ‘The Year My Mom Moved to Maui’

Punahou School’s Case Middle School Buildings

Middle school is an awkward time for everyone. One week I decided to wear a different color Juicy jacket with matching colored jeans until I made a full rainbow… like I’m talking full color-blocking Monday to Friday. There were the bullies that made people do karate moves for everyone watching, the cools girls that were brutally slut-shamed, and the school dances… Everyone has crushes during those years too, and a middle school crush + a middle school dance = drama. Well, I had a crush on a boy, obvi. But I thought that there was NO WAY any guy could ever like me, so I made my best friend date him. Genius plan, I know. At first it was fun because I got to see him more but then I realized how crazy I was and they started actually bonding. Luckily, around the same time, my mom moved to Maui. I started flying there every weekend and literally spent every weekend crying in my room to Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows.

This might’ve been 8th or 9th grade IDK but we loved dressing up and walking around Waikiki when we were bored…LOL

I had such a wild time in Maui, aside from the aforementioned blight. One memory that my mom and I still reference to this day is from this random dinner party she had. She invited this group of adults over and I hid in my room, like any normal middle schooler. At some point though, I came out and went to get an ice cream sandwich from the freezer. (Side note: my mom and I had been on a really strict diet because of the bullying, like I’m talking counting how many Pringles we eat and doing calf raises in the shower lol). My mom caught me grabbing it and told me I had to offer it to the guests first to be polite, so I held the package up and asked everyone if they wanted any. Everyone politely said no, noticing that there was only one in the package, until one lady said, “actually yeah I’ll take it!” …I cannot tell you the teen angst that my mom had to endure after that experience.

Powder lol

Another funny memory is when my mom made me hang out with our elderly neighbor because she was lonely. I went over to her house one day and we watched this movie called Powder that’s about a genius albino boy (if I remember correctly) and when I came home my indoor dog was sitting on the front porch because no one had noticed she got out.

Lily Monster and me (isn’t it hilarious that I was bullied for being fat when I looked like that ^^ like wow Hawaii standards *shrug*)

I actually got that dog because my ex-step-dad (yuck) told me that he’d get me a dog if I could name the star that was above us. Joke was on him because he thought I wouldn’t know, but I loved star gazing with my dad on Oahu. I knew it wasn’t even a star, it was Mars, and he was trying to trick me. Got me a cute lil dog named Lily (RIP).

My ex-step-dad actually sponsored Hawaii’s version of So You Think You Can Dance. We got to be in the live audience and watch all the episodes being recorded lol.

We had a really fun house in Maui, though. There was a spiral staircase and bamboo walls! I was pretty angsty about missing this huge like 40 day and 40 nights of rain storm that was hitting Oahu, but I’m grateful I have all of these funny memories with my mom.

<3 Adelina