About Me

Honolulu, HI (1992-2011)

I am originally from Hawaii. I went to the same school from Kindergarten to 12th grade and really enjoyed 90% of my life there. You’d think that anyone would be happy living in paradise, wouldn’t you? Well, I am a 6’0″ tall, G cup, freckle-faced girl. I didn’t look like any of my friends, and I was actually bullied for being chubby throughout most of high school. I couldn’t wear bikinis (which is actually pretty awful when you live in a beach town!) because people would call me a “slut” when my boobs showed. I was taller than most of the men my age, and all of my friends. I felt very constricted by my body, so I began to hate it. Fashion was the only thing that made me feel better about how much I stood out. Even though I couldn’t find any clothes that properly fit my long and curvy body, I would dress up my friends. I loved sewing, shopping, working in retail, and styling my friends.

Chicago, IL (2011-2016)

I was literally thrilled to wear winter clothes by the time I went to college. I wanted to wear jeans, boots with thick socks, puffy coats, and ear muffs every day. Little did I know that Chicago boots ≠ San Fransisco Boots. I quickly found out that shopping for down coats, or really winter-wear in general, is an extremely difficult task if you have a large chest. I ended up finding a Columbia Omni-Heat coat, that worked for several years.

During my time in college, all of my things were destroyed in a house fire. I lost all of my clothes, accessories, and shoes. I was wearing Walgreens underwear until I could get to the mall! Eventually, I started to build up my closet again, but I was devastated because I had spent my lifetime curating those items. They fit my odd-sized body and now I was going to have to start over.

Around that same time, a family member passed away in a very traumatic way and I herniated two discs in my lower back. I basically hit the motherlode of bad luck. I could barely walk because the weight of my chest would pull down on my back and cause severe nerve pain. Later, I got epidural injections to mask the pain.

Columbus, OH (2016-Present)

I decided to move in with my mom who was living on the mainland because my back and leg pain was getting really severe (I didn’t want to move all the way back to Hawaii because I felt like I would be too limited there). I went to several doctors with my mother and found out that my hip was rotating out, causing my new pains) and that my back issues were going to be a lifelong issue.

I didn’t really know what to do from there, so I filled my time between doctor appointments with making collages, shopping for new clothes, and watching lots of Netflix. I found myself doing that same thing the younger me would’ve done — finding comfort in fashion. However, this time I was more critical (I had a wardrobe to re-build!) with my purchases. I started to realize that hardly any brands carry Tall clothing ranges… and that girls with DDD+ cup sizes were screwed… But I was determined to find clothes that fit, and looked good on my odd-sized body.