A Step-By-Step Guide to Pumpkin Carving!

STEP 1: Pick out your pumpkin! Try to pick a pumpkin that has at least one nice side (minimal imperfections) so that your design really stands out. I like to buy an assortment of sizes, but this one is pretty big.

STEP 2: Cut a hole so that you can scrape out the guts! My cousin told me about a trick where you cut out the bottom of the pumpkin instead of the top. It’s supposed to make the pumpkin last longer and not collapse in on itself so easily.

STEP 3: Remove the guts! I like to use the special spoons they make during the halloween season because they have serrated edges that are perfect for the job. If you don’t want to buy a specific spoon, I’d recommend using a spoon and a fork to scrape all the guts out.

STEP 4: Start designing! Some people like to mark out what they’re going to carve with a pen, but I think they make a huge mess. Something about how wet the pumpkin gets when you carve it makes the marker get everywhere. There are also stencils you can use, but I just try to free-hand carve.

STEP 5: Carve the pumpkin! It is pretty important to use a serrated knife when you cut a pumpkin. Otherwise it just takes way too long. You want to cut using a sawing motion. I recommend using a couple different sized knives because it’s good to have a big one for large cuts and small one for details.

STEP 6: Rinse the pumpkin off. Pumpkins get suuuuuper sticky and they leave guts everywhere. So, I like to hose down my pumpkins after I carve them to get rid of any remaining guts and to get off some of the stickiness. It really makes them look a lot more polished!

OPTIONAL: So I don’t actually recommend this because I’m pretty sure that bug spray is super flammable, but I spray the inside and outside of my pumpkins with it. I wait for it to dry before having a flame anywhere near it. The only reason I do this is because I live in 15 acres of forest and my pumpkins are covered in bugs within 24 hours if I don’t.

STEP 7: Put a candle in it! I usually use tea lights, but I ended up changing the candle out because it was a little too small for how big this pumpkin was. Tea lights are great though because they come in big packs and can be tossed out after!

That’s all! I filmed it without the filter so that you could see the details. I love how it came out! Let me know if you guys carved pumpkins this year and what designs you did in the comments <3

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