Why I work with fast fashion brands…

The fashion industry is the second largest environmental pollution contributor after the oil industry. A huge chunk of the world’s water waste is attributed to the production and destruction of clothing. That is why so many brands have been jumping on the eco-fashion bandwagon. Reformation is a great example of a sustainable fashion company, whereas fast fashion brands are…well, let’s just say they are contributing to the problem.

Influencing is a fast fashion business. Influencers are sent products in exchange for posts. These products are usually only posted once and then the influencer is on to the next product. With that being said, influencers also contribute to the fashion-waste problem.

The plus size fashion industry is a, mostly untapped, $20 billion market. Brands are just starting to extend their sizing to include 2X+ sizes. However, many brands have not extended their sizing. There are simply less options for plus size women because the fashion industry is just starting to embrace us.

Fast fashion brands have been some of the first companies to extend their sizing. Some of these companies create specific lines for their curvier customers. Because of the sheer lack of options, these trend-driven stores are extremely appealing to plus size shoppers.

As an influencer, I want to do my part and help with the fashion industry’s waste problem. As a plus size woman, I want to play with clothes and try all the trends that were never sold in my size (until now).

It is a tough situation to be in, but hopefully, as the industry becomes more saturated, ethical clothing decisions will become easier and easier for plus size shoppers. <3

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