The Best Xiao Long Bao in Columbus, OH

I am relatively new to this whole Soup Dumpling craze, because I didn’t try them until two years ago when I was visiting NYC. However, after the first dumpling, I was addicted. I ended up ordering them every. single. day. I was spoiled in NYC with the endless options and then in Chicago with the famous Rainbow Soup Dumplings. I was disappointed at the lack of selection in Columbus, but I found two places that stand up to my expectations. So, I wanted to share them with you!

Soup Dumplings

The first place is called Helen Asian Kitchen. They serve XLB the traditional way, in a bamboo streamer and a group of 6 to 8. The soup has a very robust flavor, which is in my opinion, what makes a good Soup Dumpling. The filling is made of Pork and it is very juicy. They are honestly the best XLB I’ve found in Columbus, and I’ve been searching for over a year now.

Soup Dumplings

The Second place is called Asia Fusion. Their approach to XLB is more on the artsy side. They take six Chinese soup spoons and place a piece of cabbage and a soup dumpling in each one. I like this idea because it saves all the soup and makes it easier to get the perfect bite each time. However, the soup flavor is not as robust as the soup at Helen Asian Kitchen and the pork filling is not as juicy. 

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