My Favorite Fall Coats

The first coat is perfect for tall girls because it’s from ASOS’s Tall line. As a 6ft tall girl, I can promise you that this line is great. It is called the New Look Color Block Borg Coat and it’s only $79.

The second coat is a fall essential. In my opinion, checks and houndstooth scream fall. I love the faux fur accent and how it hangs low. This coat is by UNIQUE21 and it is $119. I think this coat would also work well for tall girls, even though it is not from a Tall line.

The third coat is an adorable Teddy coat by Abercrombie. It comes in mauve and brown, but I personally like the mauve version best. It goes for $120, but Abercrombie always has sales going on. Teddy material has gotten so trendy this year, so this will definitely keep you up with the times.

The last coat is the Pink Leopard Parka by Lazy Oaf and it is $178. If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been ranking them from least expensive to most expensive. I love this coat because it is perfect for rainy, foggy, and snowy weather but it isn’t too warm. It’s the perfect coat for layering and protecting yourself from the elements. Not to mention the colors and patterns are adorable.

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